Air Fried Potato Chips with Spicy Guacamole

Our friend @erinliveswhole helped us create homemade air fried potato chips paired with Good Foods Spicy Guacamole. This delicious chip + dip duo is perfect to have on hand come snack time! Good Foods Spicy Guacamole is made from fresh avocados, jalapeno, serrano peppers, cilantro, lime + lemon juice, garlic, and salt + pepper. Yep, that means only the best ingredients and none of that added bad stuff. 


Russet potatoes (2-3)

Avocado oil

Salt (to taste)

Good Foods Spicy Guacamole


  1. For the potatoes, slice really thinly (or use a mandoline – be careful!) and toss with avocado oil and salt
  2. Place in preheated air fryer and fry for 20 minutes at 300
  3. Take them out and shake
  4. Then place back in air fryer for 10 minutes at 400 or until lightly browned and crispy
  5. Dip into the delicious Good Foods Spicy Guacamole and enjoy!


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