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Good Eats | Vegan

Football season is upon us. Cue the mascots, favorite fight songs, painted faces, and of course, the party hosting. Yet, no party is ever complete without a plethora of fresh and delicious appetizers to keep your crowd entertained.

Kick off your party with these unique and healthful creations!

Break out the hand sanitizer and markers – it’s officially back to school season! Time for the kiddos to get back in the classroom and parents to breathe a sigh of relief. Parents, don’t let the lunchbox be any ole PB&J – pick up one of our plant based dips to save you time!

Greek food has never been easier than with our Tzatziki Style Dip! Filled with cucumbers and fresh herbs, this dip is a “secret sauce” to a Greek wrap called gyro.

Don’t fall for pronouncing gyro as it’s spelled – “gyro” is actually pronounced like “hero.”

*cue Bonnie Tyler music* … we need a hero gyro!

Traditionally, gyros are filled with sliced lamb or pork meat, veggies and a creamy sauce on pita bread. We wanted to create a vegan spin that packs just as much flavor as a traditional gyro, so we decided to incorporate jackfruit as our meat substitute!