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Good Eats | Dairy Free

This is all we’ve avo-wanted!

Shredded chicken, avocados, almonds and sweet strawberries combine to make the summer dish you’ve been craving.

Chicken salad traditionally includes heavy, calorie-busting mayonnaise.

Switching mayo for our Good Foods™ Avocado Mash saves you more time AND calories!

One of our Avocado Mash packs is only 90 calories, verses 94 calories for just 1 tablespoon of mayo. Now THAT’S what we call fowl play.

If you’re wondering what farro is… it’s commonly known as the first ever cultivated grain. Farro has been found in tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs and said to have fed Roman legions thousands of years ago.

This Cilantro Fish Taco Bowl is the buzz-worthy trend you’ve been searching for!

Our creamy, cashew based herb dip makes the perfect topping for this Fish Taco Bowl. Say it ain’t (cilantro)!

Incorporating Creamy Cilantro Dip adds so much flavor, but also herbs, nuts & veggies into your taco bowl as well! So much goodness!

This absolutely cravable recipe is an easy dish to rotate into your weekly meal plan.