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Good Eats | Keto Friendly

Can you believe that it’s the beginning of a new decade? I always tell my children to treat a new year as a fresh start, so a new decade seems even more important to try something new! My family enjoys spicier foods, so rather than typical fried buffalo shrimp, we created these grilled shrimp skewers and paired with Good Foods Plant Based Buffalo Style Dip for an option that’s better for you.

New Years is an opportunity to start fresh. Whether it’s setting new goals or recommitting to old ones, we wish you all the best on your journey.

Here at Good Foods, we’re determined to inspire a lifestyle of healthy choices. From the products we make to the heart behind our company, we find true joy in inspiring you to make Good choices this year.

News Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to stay at home and welcome in the New Year with family and friends! Our Good Foods dips makes entertaining easy and delicious! Their versatility allows you to recreate any meal or snack you’d find at a restaurant, not to mention way tastier!

Pomegranate Guacamole with Tostones 

pomegranate guacamole with tacos

Festive green and red guacamole that tastes delicious and presents beautifully! Savory avocado paired with slightly sweet pomegranates and salty crumbled cheese – all topped on warm tostones – a dish that will make you go “yum!”

If you’re not familiar with tostones, they’re simply twice-fried plantains that make the perfect pairing for this festive guacamole dish. Tostones are super easy to make and best served warm!

Football season is upon us. Cue the mascots, favorite fight songs, painted faces, and of course, the party hosting. Yet, no party is ever complete without a plethora of fresh and delicious appetizers to keep your crowd entertained.

Kick off your party with these unique and healthful creations!