Restaurant Dupe Recipes That Satisfy Any Craving

Busy nights in have just become a lot easier. Family is everything during these times, and we want to help to everyone entertained on those nights in. Here are some entertainment ideas that we wanted to share to help make those nights in a family fun night.

Homemade Chipotle Bowls


With so many Good Foods dips to choose from, we want to help liven up the night by creating a fun challenge that everyone can enjoy. You can make combinations galore with the variety of flavors that our dips offer like our Cilantro Dip; and in the end you can end up with not only a fun activity for the entire family but also a deliciously quick meal.

Crunchwrap Supreme 

Good Foods Crunchwrap Supreme Dupe

Adding onto your homemade list, try out an easy-to-make Crunchwrap with our Chunky Guacamole with the family. You can even get creative with it by adding different toppings and adding some of our other dips like Buffalo Style Dip for a pop of flavor to your family-made meal.

Copy Cat Auntie Anne’s pretzels

If you’re missing your shopping mall snacks, we’ve got you covered with our own pretzel bites recipe. Not only can you enjoy this cheesy salty snack, but you can also enjoy it as a perfect family activity. Easy and fun with our Queso Style Dip, you’ll have not only a great family moment, but a delicious family meal in minutes!

Do you have any family night in stories? Comment below and let’s swap stories!

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