Fat and Fiber Veggie Platter

Fat and Fiber Veggie Platter with Good Foods Buffalo Chicken Style Dip, Queso Style Dip and Dill Pickle Chip Dip.


Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4-6


● Three containers of Good Foods Dips, seen here: Buffalo, Queso and Dill Pickle
● One, 1 lb bag of carrots, orange and purple, cut into 3” sticks
● One, container of mini cucumbers, sliced into 2” rounds
● One, red bell pepper and one, yellow bell pepper, sliced into 1-2” strips
● ½ cup nuts, like almonds, cashews or walnuts
● Optional: seed crackers


  1. 1. Peel the skin off of carrots and cucumber. Wash ALL your veggies in cold water. Pat with a dry paper towel.
    2. Place your veggies dips around the platter of your choice.
    3. Add nuts around the dips, then fill in with veggies.
    4. Serve immediately and enjoy!

This recipe was written by Whitney Stuart, MS RDN CDCES, for her Instagram, @whitnessnutrition. Find the full recipe breakdown on her blog, www.whitnessnutrition.com


Whitney Stuart MS RDN CDCES is the Certified Diabetes Educator and Dietitian of Whitness Nutrition; a virtual practice focused on helping individuals find simple and sustainable health using food as medicine tools, like our signature Blood Sugar Bliss protocol. Whitney has been voted best Dallas Dietitian since 2019 and has helped thousands of individuals find joyful health. She has been featured in media segments for ABC, NBC & Business Insider and has worked as a media spokesperson and nutrition expert for over 150 brands. Learn more here – https://whitnessnutrition.com

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